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Council Overview
   About the Council
   AR Bluett Memorial Award
   Towns, Villages and Suburbs
   Fast Facts and Figures
   Executive Management Team
Council Meetings
   Business Papers and Minutes
   Council Meeting Calendar
   Register of Committees and Workgroups
   Councillor Voting on Planning and Development Decisions
   Disclosure of Political Donations
   Councillors' Disclosures at Council Meetings
Community Engagement
   Keychange 2023 Community Strategic Plan Review
   Tamworth Regional Youth Strategy
   Previous Projects
   Oxley Lookout
   Tamworth Regional Cultural Survey
Council Communications
   Media Releases
Council Publications
   General Policy Register
   Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Program and Annual Operational Plan
   Schedule of Fees and Charges
   Council Financial Statements and Reports
   Council Annual Report
   Council Strategy Documents
   Tamworth Sportsgrounds Plan of Management
   Statement of Business Ethics
   Code of Conduct
   Integrated Management System (Risk)
Documents under Public Review
Documents on exhibition
   Documents Currently on Exhibition
   Strathfield Poultry Broiler Farm, Manilla
   508-514 Armidale Rd Nemingha
   Draft Swan Street Planning Agreement
   Draft TRC Public Art Policy
   Draft Smoke-Free Environment Policy
Youth Council
   How do I get to Tamworth
   Travel within the Tamworth Region
   Transport Guide
Public Access to Information
Employment Opportunities
   Benefits of Working at Council
   Recruitment and Selection Process
   Applying for Positions Vacant
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   Work Experience
Tenders, Quotations and Expressions of Interest (EOI)
   Process for Tendering, Quotations and Expressions of Interest
   Tenders (Tenderlink)
Rates and Charges
   Fees and Charges 2016-17
   Paying Rates and Water
Council Enterprises and Venues
   Destination Tamworth
   Tamworth Regional Airport
   Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre (AELEC)
   Capitol Theatre Tamworth
   Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Conference Centre (TRECC)
   Tamworth War Memorial Town Hall
   Year Round Care
   Manellae Lodge
   Yacannabuybetta Buy Back Centre
   Water Enterprises
   Wastewater Enterprises
   Tamworth Sports Dome
   Tamworth Regional Development Corporation (TRDC)
Community Management s355 Committees
   Committee Overview and Process (s355)
   Community Management Committees (CMCs)
   Community Newsletters
New Resident Information
Animal Management
   Domestic Pets
   Strategic Companion Animal Management Plan (SCAMP)
   Dog and Cat Registration and Microchipping
   Animal Pound
   Animal Complaints
   Paid and Free Parking Spaces
   Disabled Parking
   Parking Infringements
   Long vehicle parking
   Enforcement of Parking Restrictions Policy
Roads and Bridges
   Proposed second road access from Calala to the CBD
   Manilla Road (Peel Street) Upgrade
   Proposed High Pedestrian Activity Zone for Tamworth CBD
   Maintenance Programs
   B-Double Routes
   Load Limited Bridges
   Road Safety Education
   Local Traffic Committee
   Transport Working Group
   White Street Reconstruction Works
Stormwater Drainage
Emergency Services
   Flood Management
   Local Emergency Management Officer (LEMO)
   Rural Fire Service (RFS)
   State Emergency Service (SES)
   Genealogy Enquiries
   Cemetery Information
Public Health
   Food Premises
   Scores on Doors
   Food Complaints
   Food Safety and Handling
   Body Piercing
   Beauty Salons
   Water Cooling Towers
   Public Swimming and Public Spa Pools
Fireworks Displays Notification
Mapping and GIS Services
   Tamworth Region Road Map
   Street and Cycleway Maps
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   Draft 2015-16 Annual Operational Plan Feedback Form
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Major Projects
Economic Development
Council Owned Land
   Purchasing and Leasing Land
   How does Council Sell Land
   How does Council Lease Land
Welcome to Tamworth
Parks, Gardens and Reserves
   Tamworth Bridge to Bridge Children's Bird Walk
   Park Locations and Facilities
   Parks and Gardens for Hire
Walking and Cycling Tracks
Aquatic Facilities
   Aquatic Facility Locations and Operating Hours
   Water Slide & Inflatable Play Structure Schedules
   Aquatic Facility Fees
   Aquatic Facilities Lane Availability
   TRC Learn to Swim Program
   Swimming Pool Safety
   Aquatic Facilities Disabled Access
   Aquatic Management Plan
   Pool Parties at TRC Aquatic Facilities
Northern Inland Centre of Excellence
Skate Parks
Local Sporting Groups
Tamworth Sports Dome
   Contact Us
   Multi-visit passes and Gift Vouchers
   Badminton & Table Tennis
   TSD School Holiday Programs
   Sports Parties at the Dome
Booking a Recreation Facility
School Holiday Program
Collection Services
   Collection Information
   Collection Calendar
   Garbage Collection
   Recycling Collection
   Garden Organics Collection
   Bulky Household Waste Collection
Tamworth Waste Management Facility
   Small Vehicle Transfer Station
   Resource Recovery
   Tamworth Landfill Operating Hours
Buy Back Centre
   Buy Back Information
   What's Suitable for Buy Back
Hazardous Materials
   Chemical Collection
   Community Sharps Safe Disposal Options
   Community Recycling Centre
Rural Waste Management Facilities
   Rural Waste Management Locations
   Rural Waste Management Operating Hours
   Rural Waste Management Site Changes
   Garage Sale Trail
   Recycling Initiatives
   What Can I Recycle
   What Happens to Recycled Items
   Mobile Phone Recycling
   Printer and Toner Recycling
   Troy Cassar-Daley Recycling Promotion
Waste Education
   Waste Education Resources
   Waste Management Information
   What is Waste Management
   Clean Up Australia Day
   Junk mail or bundled catalogues
Illegal Dumping and Littering
   Report Illegal Dumping
Northern Inland Regional Waste (NIRW)
Love Food Hate Waste
Proposed Organic Recycling Facility
Water and Sewerage
National Water Week 2016
Water Supplies
   Water and Dam Information
   Current Dam Levels
   Consumption Trends
   Dungowan Dam Risk Mitigation Project
   Backflow Prevention
   Tamworth Bulk Water – Long Term Options Review
Water Conservation and Sustainability
   Water Conservation
   Water Saving Tips and Information
   Water Saving Products and Ideas
Water Rebates
   Residential Water Saver Rebate Scheme
Water Restrictions
   Frequently Asked Questions
   2015 Drought Management Plan
   Augmented Chaffey Dam
   Current Water Restrictions
   What the Levels Mean
   Non-residential / Commercial
   Water Management Plans
Sewerage (Wastewater)
   Sewerage Management
   Onsite Sewage Management Systems
   Liquid Trade Waste
   Low Pressure Sewer Systems
   RV Dump Points
Integrated Water Cycle Management
Policies: Inaccurate Water Meters / Unexplained Increase in Water Consumption
Reimbursements to Developers for Sewer and Water Infrastructure
Major projects
   Rehabilitation of sewer mains
Planning and Development
What is the Planning Process
Development Application Guide for Building, Development and Subdivision
   Planning and Building Enquiries
   What do I need Approval for
   Pre-Development Application Services
   Assessment Process for Development Applications
   Exempt Development
   Complying Development
   Information Required to Lodge a Development Application
   Development Application Fees and Charges
   Development Forms
   Development Industry Newsletters
   Development Industry Forums
   Engineering Guidelines for Subdivisions and Developments
   Development Control Plans (DCPs)
   How do I Modify my Development Consent
   How do I seek a Review of Determination
   If I Disagree with my Notice of Determination
   How do I make a Submission about a Development Application
   Development Fact Sheets
Development Application Tracking
   Development Applications on Exhibition
   Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP)
   Construction Certificates
   Critical Stage Inspections
   Erosion and Sediment Control
   Water, Sewer & Drainage Approvals (s68)
   Occupation Certificates
   Subdivision Certificates
Buying or Selling a Property
   Outstanding Notice Certificates
   Planning Certificates
   Drainage Diagrams
   Building Certificates
   Swimming Pool Certificates
   Weed Control Notices
   Application Forms for Certificates
Swimming Pools
Developer Contributions and Charges
Community Profile
   Heritage in the Tamworth Region
   Heritage Walking and Driving Trails
   Heritage Assistance Fund
   Heritage Advisory Service
   Community Heritage Studies
   Significant Tree Register
   Tamworth Regional Heritage Awards
Plans and Strategies
   2014 Tamworth Regional Infrastructure Strategy
   Council Planning Strategies
   Local Environmental Plans (LEPs)
   Development Control Plans (DCPs)
   Tamworth Regional Development Strategy
   Gateways Beautification Plan
   Taminda Revitalisation Strategy
   Tamworth Regional Affordable Housing Strategy
   Tamworth Regional Council Development Contributions Plans
   Victoria Park Master Plan
   Coledale Urban Renewal Master Plan Strategy
   Coledale Revitalisation Strategy
   Tamworth Regional Bike Plan 2014
   Planning Proposal - Goonoo Goonoo Road Commercial Lands Development
   Draft Site Specific DCP For Goonoo Goonoo Road ommercial Lands Precinct
   Smoke Free Environment Policy
   Fitzroy Street Design Upgrade
Electronic Lodgement Policy - Planning/Building and Subdivisions
Information for Private Certifiers
Online Development Hub
Statewide PFAS Investigation
Moonbi/Kootingal Water Supply
Woolomin Water Contamination
Council and the Environment
Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change
   Resource Efficiency and Sustainability
   Climate Change
   Sustainability - what can you do
   State of the Environment Report
   Namoi Urban Sustainability Plan
   Illegal Dumping
   Bird Routes
Environmental Protection
   Don't Litter
   Noise Control
   Air Pollution
   Trees and Vegetation Protection
   Contaminated Land
Do's and Don'ts of Backyard Burning
What Plants Suit the Tamworth Region
Noxious Weeds
   Weed Declarations in the Tamworth Region
   Class 4 Noxious Weeds Management Plans
   Water Weeds
   Chemical Weed Management
EPA Licence Monitoring Data
   Barraba Sewage Treatment Works EPL604
   Tamworth Sewage Treatment System EPL1600
   Manilla Sewage Treatment Plant EPL829
   Calala Water Treatment Plant EPL12430
   Connors Creek Dam EPL11723
   Forest Road Landfill and Composting Facility EPL5921 EPL12673
   Kootingal Landfill EPL6013
   Attunga Landfill EPL6011
Pollution Incident Response Management Plans
Flying Foxes
Community Events
Community Directory
   Community Directory Update form
Aged and Disability Services
   Information for Senior Citizens
   Information for People with Disabilities
   Home and Community Care (HACC) Services
   Seniors Week Awards
   New England Carer Support Service
   Carers Week
   Aboriginal Carer Support
   Becoming a Volunteer
   National Volunteer Week
   Gift of Time Ceremony
   Community Volunteer of the Year Awards
   Before School Care
   After School Care
   Vacation Care
Tamworth Youth Centre
Cultural Development
Community Programs
   Sports Awards
   Annual Donations
   Aboriginal Culture
   Youthie Programs
   Australia Day
   Citizenship Ceremonies
   Sister Cities
   Tamworth Regional Sustainable Community Awards
   Tamworth Access Awards
Public Consumption of Alcohol
   Community Safety
   Alcohol Free Zones
   Tamworth and District Liqour Accord
Crime Prevention
Community Centres and Halls
   Manilla Town Hall
   Tamworth Community Centre
   Tamworth War Memorial Town Hall
   Tamworth Transit Lounge
   Hiring a Community Facility
How to Book a Venue or Facility
   Booking Instructions
   Summary of Venues and Facilities
Tamworth Regional Gallery
Festivals and Events
   Toyota Country Music Festival Tamworth
   Go for Gold Festival
   Grey Fergie Muster
   Barraba Festival
   Local Government Week
   Tamworth Regional Heritage Festival
   Kootingal Country Fair 2017
Film and Sound Archive
Tamworth Region Honour Roll
Disability Accommodation Future Needs Survey 2012 Report
Community Grants
School Holiday Program
Viaduct Park Youth Events Space
Towns and Villages

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